Startups Are Not Family.

  • Do people give up on their families?
  • Do families let go and dissuade people if they don’t perform or do they help them to get better no matter what it takes, which sometimes means taking on a financial burden as well?
  • Do families differentiate people based on the work they do?
  • Do families let go of a member of a family if they have an accident & become a burden on their financial system?
  • Don’t families invest in their kids without any hope of an ROI?
  • Do family members leave their existing families because another “family” gives them Better opportunities, More happiness, More money, More learning? Wouldn’t you leave your family?
  • Would you sell out your family because you aren’t able to manage them anymore?
  • And in case, you did sell for a profit, should you be the only one who gets the largest share of the sale? Didn’t everyone put in an equal amount of time & effort? Probably more than YOU did!
  • Should the rest of the members of your family get some minute percent of the sale, while you get a lions’ share just because you started the family & been the head of the family for a while?
  • Should you be able to afford to buy a Lamborghini while your family members could only afford ‘fuel’ for the Lamborghini?
  • Startups are businesses, they are set up to make profits, and not with a goal to grow & survive together like a family. Your goal of the company is to run a goddamn business that makes profits for your team members, investors & yourself!
  • No matter how good someone is, you wouldn’t hire them if they don’t fit into your team, especially if they break the culture & spew negativity. Distant family members aren’t really known for that, isn’t it!?
  • An individual will be part of your team if he/she can help the team win or at least help the team move closer to the goal. If they aren’t, you would ideally let go of them.
  • Just like in a sports team where the best performer gets paid the most, the best performer in your team is also probably getting a higher salary than the rest. Sometimes maybe for the seniority & the experience, which they bring to the table.
  • When you get old and /or aren’t able to perform at your peak, you aren’t part of the team anymore, the system slowly gets you out, unlike a family. There are so many references around us! Sachin Tendulkar & MS Dhoni aren’t in the National team anymore!
  • You are the captain of the team, only until the ship is afloat, and you are able to keep it afloat. The moment the investors realize that the boat is incapable to survive with your leadership, you would be asked to step down, and someone else will be brought on board, just like a sports team!
  • Just like a sports team where new talent keeps coming in to replace the old and rusty, startups as well, are always on a lookout to get new talent on board that can think beyond the regular purview.
  • Like in the NBA, When an athlete is offered a higher value for his time & effort by a competing team & is presented with better opportunities he would take it up, no matter how strong the bond has been with the previous team members. Just like in the startup world, where the head hunters are always looking to poach your best talent! After all, everyone is in the game to make a living from the money they earn.
  • Just like athletes who have a limited number of peak years under them, where they perform the best and be the highest paid, even the entrepreneurs & their employees have a limited number of years, albeit, the number of years might be higher but the peak performance is always during the yesteryears.




Marketer | Growth gives me a High!

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Pranav Divakar

Pranav Divakar

Marketer | Growth gives me a High!

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