You might have heard this phrase from a lot of founders either in the media or in their townhalls saying that “We are a family, that loves working together”.

I disagree, and I believe this phrase is not only overused but also used without really thinking it through.

Founders often reference “family” with a good intention of building the culture of working together & celebrating each other’s success. But the moment there is a failure from performance, all hell breaks loose and the word ‘family’ loses its sheen.

I understand why “family” sounds like a culture you’d want to cultivate…

The dilemma of a person in their late '20s

I quit my job & went on an adventure spree at the end of 2019! Like most people in their late 20’s, I started questioning my choices! When I was graduating I had a strong sense of knowing what to do, I wanted to be an Entrepreneur & create an impact, change the world, and conquer other larger than life ambitions. I didn’t want a normal life, but a flamboyant one where the world knows me. But after a few years of running tiny startup/projects, I started questioning if it's the right time to build a startup, I thought maybe…

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I’m going to keep this simple & break this blog into 3 components.
1. Identifying Customers. Nuances and Intricacies of Customer Research.
2. Experimenting with Lead Gen channels.
3. Bucketing leads into MQL, SQL, SAL, Opportunity, Pilot, Closed, etc.

Nuances of Customer Research — Things to Consider.

As a B2B company, when you think about lead generation, one of the first things you ought to do is to identify who your potential customers are!

While a simple google search on “How to go about Customer Research”, will give you hundreds of articles talking about thousands of ways to do it, this particular blog…

Things to remember while Hosting a Webinar for the first time.

Webinars are especially great for B2B businesses that want to showcase the power of their product to a large group of people with relatively lesser effort compared to hosting a physical event.

Hosting a webinar for the first time is a daunting task for a newbie. It was nerve-wracking for me on my first time because of a hundred variable things that could go wrong.

I have hosted quite a few webinars during the past year, and over time, nerves settled down, with that experience I have created a checklist that helps get things in action, helps focus on the…

Here are Different Ways to Promote your Webinar

Firstly, Webinars are fun to host if you have a good number of viewers but it’s equally challenging to convince reputed speakers if you do not have those viewers. I think you should only host a webinar if your reasoning is to engage with the audience, and not just sharing knowledge or pitching your product. If it's later you could probably consider shooting a video as you can do much better with quality & the content.

But once you have decided on Hosting a webinar, it comes with a lot of challenges for a newbie not only in terms of…

8 things to kick-start your international marketing efforts.

Over the last few years, Indian B2B SaaS startups expanding to North America/other international markets is not an uncommon phenomenon. The big money comes from the West. People are generally more willing to pay a premium for a product or a service in the West if they are convinced of the value it adds to their business, and rightly so, most startups eagerly wait for the right opportunity to expand to North America whilst getting a foothold in the local home market.

As a startup, once you decide that you want to expand internationally, there are a ton of variables…

Before I jump into the details, a quick context— I worked as the Head of International Marketing at (An AI & Deep Learning powered technology platform to optimize logistics). One of my key responsibilities was to generate leads in North America & South East Asia (in 2018), and as most blogs might say the fastest & the most effective way to get a head start in generating leads was & is still Email!

Disclaimer: This hack worked only in South East Asia & interestingly, didn’t work at all in North America. …

Solo Tripping in a different country is an experience that I recommend to be had when you are young & early into your career, not that it becomes harder when you’re older, just that, you’d have more energy & less money when you are younger, so you would learn to make the most of it in what you have. Firstly Backpacking /Travelling is not all rosy like how the Instagram & Snapchat stories show it to be. When you follow a traveller, you see a lot of fantastic footage & fun activities that they do, but there are times when…

Solo Backpacking is like a ride on a rollercoaster. There would be ups & a lot of adrenaline clenching downs. Sometimes you’d want to pack your bags & take the next flight back home, and sometimes you’d want to quit your job & travel for another 6 months! During the entire ride, one thing that you will cherish throughout your life is the people you meet & the memories you create with them & for yourself. And of course the journey of self-discovery & the experience that you’d cherish for the rest of your life.

An old image from a previous backpacking trip

I did a solo backpacking…

There is one problem that never goes out of fashion even though people in mathematics have tried to optimize solutions for it over decades. Yes, decades! To nobody’s surprise, the Travelling Salesman Problem (read: TSP) remains to be one of the most fascinating and complicated algorithms to innovate upon. The solutions to this problem only have a chance of remaining straightforward if the problem stops evolving, but this is not the case.

The problem statement has remained the same over the years: “Given a list of cities and the distances between each pair of cities, what is the shortest possible…

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